• What are the causes of the shortage?

    2021-04-17   By Arttronix

    Recently, due to the continued strong global semiconductor demand, especially the tighter capacity of 8-inch wafers and 12-inch wafers, the current shortage has exceeded the increase in capacityof the manufactures. Many electronic components, including ac

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  • Shipment Delayed by Longteng Operation 2021

    2021-03-07   By Arttronix

    Shipment Dealyed by Longteng Operation 2021

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  • Why are PCB factories increasing their prices?

    2020-08-30   By Arttronix

    In business cooperation, win-win is the cornerstone of long-term business cooperation. While steady price plays an important role on the business. Since May.,12th,2020, the price raising notifications come from different PCB factories. But Arttronix decid

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  • Why the connector order raised 40% in Q1 under the outbreak of COVID19?

    2020-05-13   By Arttronix

    With theworldwideoutbreak of theCOVID-19, demandof the consumer electronicshas dropped sharply,sothe sales performance of electronic components should have beenbadly influencedstep by step. However,Onthe contrary, the connector business surged since March

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  • Notification from Maxim Integrated

    2020-03-29   By Arttronix

    The Maxim Integrated order and shipment may be impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, we are now working on the solutions, pls get in touch with our Sales Representative for the details.

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  • Notification of pricing adjustment on Wago connectors

    2018-12-14   By admin

    In the year of 2018, Wago raised their price twice, and the price may raise the third times at the beginning of 2019. Pls order in advance to avoid the inflation of project cost. Part N

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  • How does Hongfa replace TE Schrack &OEG relay

    2018-12-14   By admin

    If you are tired to wait the unbelievable lead time of TE relay, you should really read this article. As the one stop solution provider of Smart devices, Arttronix provides one stop solution on the electronic components to worldwide customers, howe

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  • The Internet of Things, new technology mega-trend

    2018-12-14   By admin

    The Internet of Things, or IOT, is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with repercussions across the business spectrum. Analysts estimate that 20+ Billion devices will get connected to the Internet by 2020. By connecting to the Internet, we goe

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