Why work with us?

Arttronix International (HK) Ltd. is a one-stop solution provider of IP&E, IOT and smart devices, offering completely world class service from design, tooling, Bom-kitting, inventory management, production to order fulfillment. Founded by the Ex-Production Manager of Avnet and the Ex-Senior Technical Manager of Huawei, they integrate the abundant resources and require the team response promptly, so different project obtains complementary advantages, the innovative idea turns into the reality easily, and the product can be launched to the market in a short time.

  • Why are PCB factories increasing their prices?

    In business cooperation, win-win is the cornerstone of long-term business cooperation. While steady price plays an important role on the business. Since May.,12th,2020, the price raising notifications……

  • Why the connector order raised 40% in Q1 under the outbreak of COVID19?

    With theworldwideoutbreak of theCOVID-19, demandof the consumer electronicshas dropped sharply,sothe sales performance of electronic components should have beenbadly influencedstep by step. However,On……

  • Notification from Maxim Integrated

    The Maxim Integrated order and shipment may be impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, we are now working on the solutions, pls get in touch with our Sales Representative for the details.