A new equivalent to replace Schrack Relay 1393260-5

2020-03-20   By Arttronix

Hongfa (Shanghai Stock Exchange: 600885) is now bring out a new Safety Relay HFA6A series, which perfectly replace TE connectivity Schrack 1393260-5 / V23050-A1018-A542 relay.
As far as we know, the lead time of 1393260-5 is around 14 weeks, even longer sometimes, while Hongfa is able to deliver HFA6A about 9 weeks, the waiting time has been reduced a lot. The more attractive thing is that your cost can be saved at least 30% or more depends on your ordering quantity and the project case.

Let us take a look at the details of Hongfa HFA6A series.


● Forcibly guided contacts according to IEC 61810-3 (EN50205)

● 8A switching capability

● 4kV dielectric strengh(between coil and contacts)

● UL insulation system: Class F available

● Environmental friendly product(RoHS compliant)

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