Why are PCB factories increasing their prices?

2020-08-30   By Arttronix

In business cooperation, win-win is the cornerstone of long-term business cooperation. While steady price plays an important role on the business. Since May.,12th,2020, the price raising notifications come from different PCB factories. But Arttronix decides to keep the same price for our current partners in order to overcome the current difficulties caused by the COVID-19 .


Today let us take a look at the reason of PCB price raising?


Raw Materials

PCB raw materials include CCL(copper clad laminates), copper foils, copper balls, prepregs and other substrates.

In China, the prices of raw materials such as copper and aluminum have risen steadily with the resumption of work and production under COVID-19, so the cost of PCB board factories have raised sharply.



Driven by the demand for 5G communications, in view of the long-term high cost of raw materials for copper clad laminates, factory production costs remain high.many PCB manufacturers have issued price adjustment notices. At the same time, industries such as consumer electronics, automobiles, and the Internet of Things are all as large-scale 5G terminal markets, which have driven the demand for PCB raw materials, therefore the demand for various terminal products will become the growth point of the PCB raw material industry.


Environmental Factors

Since PCB production involves many links such as electroplating, etching, and printing, PCB and related enterprises have become the key areas of government environmental supervision. Due to the national environmental protection policy, the supply of copper foil is in the short supply, which leads to cost growth of PCB.


Above is the reason of the current PCB cost raising.


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Production Capacity:

● Layers: 1-18 layers

● Based Material: Cem-1, Cem-3, FR-4, High-Tg FR-4, Aluminum-base, Rogers

● Surface Finishing: HAL, LF HAL, Immersion Gold/Silver and Gold Fingers

● Min. Line Width/Spacing: 0.1mm

● Min. Hole Diameter: 0.1mm

● Max. Board Size:1200*1000mm



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