TE Connectivity's New factory opening in China

2022-10-25   By TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity (TE), as a global technology enterprise, facing the more flexible and changeable customer demand of today's automobile market in China, TE China Automobile Division is taking an enterprise-level deep localization strategy, taking root in the local area and being close to customers, constantly striving for excellence in R&D, quality, digitalization, delivery and service, and providing more products with structure and function adapted to local conditions, short production cycle and high cost performance for China automobile industry. While building the headquarters of the new engineering R&D center, TE also launched a series of local team upgrading strategies, covering quality system innovation (QDCS), digital innovation, delivery innovation and service innovation. In addition, in the aspect of raw material supply chain, the team of TE China Automotive Division has also built the capability of local material verification and local process. Now, the core management team of TE China Automotive Division has been 100% localized, and is forging ahead with a more efficient, agile, pragmatic and innovative local team culture, and continues to empower customers and markets in China.

TE Connectivity (TE) China Automobile Division announced that the opening ceremony of the first phase and the foundation stone laying ceremony of the second phase expansion of TE China Kunshan Factory (hereinafter referred to as "Kunshan Factory"), which was built with an investment of RMB 132 million, was grandly held. Kunshan, with an area of 35,000㎡, is the fifth factory of TE Automobile Division in Chinese mainland, and it is also a new intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory built by TE in China. It focuses on the high automation project of automobile low-voltage and high-voltage terminals and connectors production, so as to better empower the development of China automobile smart electricity. Meanwhile, the brand-new China Automotive Engineering R&D Center of TE Automotive Division was completed and will be opened in November 2022.


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