How does Hongfa replace TE Schrack &OEG relay

2018-12-14   By admin

If you are tired to wait the unbelievable lead time of TE relay, you should really read this article.


As the one stop solution provider of Smart devices, Arttronix provides one stop solution on the electronic components to worldwide customers, however, lead time of relays are extremely long than your imagination for most of the time. Normally we think 20 weeks is long, but we may required to wait 30-40 weeks if we order OEG or Schrack ( TE connectivity) relay. Who can stand for it?


Things will be different if we order the equivalent. Today, we will tell you how does Hongfa replace TE realys.

Let us take POWER RELAY as the example.


For more equivalents, please get in touch with Arttronix, we will offer you a practical and cost-effective solution.


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