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In the digital age, everything is interconnected, Arttronix believes that it is now in the ascendant, so the company provides various IOT modules such as WiFi/BT, Zigbee, sub-1g, NB-IOT, NFC and GNSS Modules to meet the demand of the market. 

The wifi/BT modules are developed based on leading solutions such as Broadcom, Realtek, TI and Hisilicon, which could support multiple antennas, high speed, low power consumption, smaller package and other key features. Arttronix established a close cooperative relationship with Texas Instruments. In the development of modules such as Zigbee, sub-1g and NFC, we have been ahead of others, getting rapid launching and high-performance iteration, which can meet the basic requirement of quick launching, perform stably and help customer to cost-down. GNSS modules can cover GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and other single-mode or multi-mode products, which build-in active antenna and with serial ports or USB to output positioning information.



Zigbee module Sub-1g module



Wifi Module Bluetooth Module



NFC Module GPS Module

Apart from the customization of various IOT modules and conventional antennas, Arttronix also provides various communication antennas of wide band, high gain and various shape within the frequency range of 100MHz-6GHz. It covers most of antenna implementation such as FPC, LDS, ceramic patch and PCB, which can be widely used in smart phones, tablet computers, network communication devices, security and other products.


Meanwhile, Arttronix custom-made various kinds of NFC&RFID products for the customers, including RFID tag, RFID wrist strap, Transparent card, Special-shaped card, NFC crystal adhesive card, it widely used in the industry of Smart Retail, Logistics, Product Tracking, Assets Management, Security and Protection, Transportation, Dining and Entertainment etc.


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