In order to meet the diversified requirements of customer, Arttronix provides PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services, QQ截图20190102201202.pngincluding PCB design, layout services and SMT Advanced Technology. 

Printed Circuit Board(PCB)

PCB is an important part of electronic products, mechanically supporting and electrically connecting the electronic components or electrical components. Rigid, flexible or rigid-flex, whether customer need quick-turn, prototype, short-run or high volume production, it will be handled under strict quality control with variety of value added services that can assist you in all phases of development. 

PCB Production Capacity
1-64 layers
Base Material FR-4,FR-5, CEM-3, PTFE, BT, Getek,Copper base, Rogers, Alu-based
Board Thickness 6-240mil
Max Base copper weight 210um (6oz) for inner layer 210um (6oz) for outer layer
Min mechanical drill size 0.2mm (0.008")
Max panel size Sigle side or double sides:500mm*1200mm; Multilayer layers:508mm X 610mm (20" X 24")
Surface finish Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) ,HASL,Lead Free HASL ,ENIG,Gold plating,Gold Finger, Carbon Print, Peelable S/M
Solder mask color Green, Blue, White, Black, Clear, etc.
Outline finish type CNC Routing; V-Scoring / Cut; Punch

PCB Assembly Services (PCBA)

Whether you provide the components or we source them for you, we will verify each component against your bill of materials for accuracy,and ensure that each component matches the footprint on your PCB design and that all polarity markings and orientations are clear. 

PCBA  Capacity

Manufacturering Equipment Solder paste Printer machine(BESTIME T1010A);Glue dispenser machine(JUKI KD2077);
Chip mounter machine(JUKI FX-3);IC mounter machine(JUKI 2080);
Reflow Soldering Machine(JT NS1000);AOI Machine(Omron VT-RNS2)
Axial Insertion Machine(Panasonic AV131);Radial Insertion Machine( Panasonic RL132)
Wave Soldering Machine (JT350);ICT machine (JET300)
Critical Quality Test 3D Test Equipment;X-RAY Test Equipment;ICT;FCT;Burn In Test
Environment Test Equipment( Including High Temperature & HumidityLow Temperature & HumidityTemperature & Humidity Cycle Test)
Quality Standard IPC-610D

Leading process and technology, high quality, high accurate delivery, urgent delivery, advisory service for customers, and optimal cost performance.
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