Cost-effective alternative solutions of electronic components

Save more than 40% by using alternatives

Providing Client- centric high quality service to worldwide customers is the mission of Arttronix. We dedicate to elevating the friendly cooperative relationship to a new high strategic partnership with clients by delivering the optimum, cost-effective, alternative solutions and service.

Alternatives will be the best solution from long perspective whether you simply want to look for an obsolete parts, hard to find items or you expect to reduce the project cost. Our experienced engineers will assist you on engineering and alternative source solution with comprehensive and helpful advice, even make some experiment research with the sample you provided. The pin to pin equivalent avoids redesign on both hardware and software, it will be the optimal choice, and multisourcing option from Arttronix allows you to choose from both the pricing and stock availability, therefore the production interruption and sharp cost increasing on stocks can be avoided, which will be significant to lower down the stock pressure of the warehouse and administration costs of supplying chain. If there is no applicable pin to pin equivalent, Arttronix will also help you on how to re-design the hardware, software design service will coming soon.

When you decide to try alternatives suggested by Arttronix, our highly trained sales representative will offer you the datasheet or specifications for approval, free samples can be applied if you signed the Long term stock agreements with Arttronix.

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Arttronix is a good listener, we know what customer needs. KEEPING THE COST DOWN is the immediate way to promote the market competitiveness.

● Choosing the optional components on the design

● Reduce procurement cost

● Better control the lead time and production

● Avoid the short supply

● Cut down the anxiety and annoyance of finding obsolete and EOL products

● Lower down the counterfeit risk and production delay risk.

● Avoid the extra energy and cost of redesign