Vendor Managed Inventory Service & Long term stock agreements 

One order with split shipments; Guarantee your stock, delivery dates and pricing

Arttronix provides tailored services for small and medium-sized enterprises, responding quickly and flexibly on different projects to protect the customer’s uncertain production plan.

If you need better control the stock, pricing and shipments, Arttronix offers Vendor Managed Inventory Services or Long Term Stock Agreements. Back-order, scheduled or call off order are available for you after sign the long-term cooperation agreement.

With any of these types of orders, we will guarantee to deliver the required stocks as the dates you set or request, making sure that the production can be made timely with less inventory pressure. And when you place the order, we will purchase the full amount of stock with competitive price which will not be fluctuated throughout the period of the agreement.



When you place a purchase order, it will take some time for the inventory to reach your door, stock normally takes 3-5 days, while 8-12 weeks will be needed when there is no stock, and even longer than 20weeks in the short supplied period. A back-order is ideal to save down the project cost and expect enough stock delivered on a single specific date during the typical lead time.

Scheduled Order

Considering the long lead time and changed stock availability, Arttronix suggests that you place the scheduled order, deliveries will be made as required time usually over 12-month period, longer term agreements and more details can be negotiated. Shipping dates need to be pre-discussed when ordering.

Call off Order

With this type of order you could call down some or all of your stock if it is not NCNR items and there are more than three of Arttronix’s customers using the same item over the contracted time period. A contractual agreement is required since all of the stock will be purchased and reserved exclusively for you. 


● Providing fixed pricing

● Pre-informing all costs and options

● Assuring you a steady supply of stock

● Keeping you fully informed for every detail of the order

● Providing invoices for every delivery, no need to pay the remaining stock

At present these agreements are only applicable to offline orders. If you have any further question, please contact us today:

Call: +852 3962 2667