Quality Control

Arttronix is committed to providing only the best products to our customers. Our strict policies ensues our success on the supplying chain of electronic products.



Arttronix screens all of our vendors using strict guidelines based on certifications, performance, on-time deliveries, and quality history.

Up to now, the majority(95 percent)) of our components are purchased from original manufacturers and authorized agents. The remaining 5 percent are purchased through qualified OEM/CM partners, who must pass rigorous background checks to ensure their product quality. These checks include a formal application process, performance measurement, audits, credit worthiness analysis and other factors. Once a supplier is approved, it is continuously monitored to ensure that performance, product quality, and delivery consistency stays at our requirement.
By securing our component sources and sharing our quality control values, we have earned the trust of many customers and helped our brother companies to achieve the growth of sales performance.


No matter what you require to produced, what you order from Arttronix, we care about the product quality consistent very much. By ensuring the finished products comply with the R&D design, the specification and draws, effective production inspection and testing maintains product brand value, production line yield and cost effectiveness.


Critical Quality Test:
3D Test Equipment;X-RAY Test Equipment;ICT;FCT;Burn In Test;Environment Test Equipment( Including High Temperature & Humidity、Low Temperature & Humidity、Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test)

Quality Standard:IPC-610D

Ensure product safety prior to shipping

Minimize the amount of defective merchandise

Reduce customer complaints due to inferior products